Medication Errors

Pharmacy Medication Errors

Mediation Errors: Medical MalpracticeMany of us depend on prescription medication to help us stay healthy, but we rarely think about anything but the bill when we visit the pharmacy. Although the bill is important, what’s more important is the reliability of the pharmacy and of our doctors. Without reliable pharmacists and doctors, prescription medications can become deadly drugs. The American Pharmalogical Association reported that over 1.5 million people are harmed by medication errors in the United States each year. In fact, experts estimate that nearly 100,000 people die per year as a result of medication errors.

Children, the elderly, and those in poor health are at the highest risk for injury from medication error or wrong dose of their medication. A child’s chemical tolerance and immune system are typically not as well developed as an adult’s. The elderly and those who are sick are particularly at risk as well because their chemical tolerance and immune system are often weakened due to poor health.

Wrong Medication Administration by Doctors

Please remember, the basis for a medical malpractice claim is that a doctor or other health care provider failed to follow customary medical procedures and as a result of this failure you have suffered a serious injury. In this type of case, medication errors often result in severe and debilitating injuries. More often than not, irreparable and permanent harm result when the negligent actions of a pharmacist or doctor causes a medication error.

If you or a loved one has suffered a recent decline in health, disability, or wrongful death due to a medication error, contact an experienced and compassionate attorney at The Haymond Law Firm today.

Common types of medication errors:

  • Incorrect prescription by a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist
  • Incorrect dose of prescription drugs (often the result of ignoring factors such as age, height, weight, allergies, and health history)
  • Illegible handwriting resulting in an incorrect prescription
  • Negligence in administering a prescription
  • Unauthorized or unknown drug substitutions
  • Reactions to prescribed drugs
  • Interactions between prescribed drugs

For more information on medication errors, visit the American Pharmacists Association at

Remember, lawsuits cannot restore health to you or a loved one, but they often bring about positive change for the medical community and the larger community beyond. You may file a lawsuit to seek personal justice, but you may end up saving lives as a result.

If you or a loved one suffered serious injury and suspect that it is a result of a medication error, contact The Haymond Law Firm to learn more about how to protect yourself and exercise your legal rights.

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