If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident we will use all our power, experience, and resources to get you all the money you deserve when you choose the Haymond Law Firm.

To help you understand what route to take, let’s look at the law at work. Let’s assume you are riding the streets at Laconia, and suddenly, a car traveling opposite you tries a left hand turn, leaving you no time or distance to avoid a collision, and the impact flips you over your handlebars and onto the street.

Motorcycle Accident Claim? What do you do?

To determine whether you have a claim, four basic elements of fact and law must be established:

  1. Duty
  2. Breach
  3. Causation
  4. Damages

A driver of an automobile owes a basic duty to other travelers to operate his or her vehicle in a reasonably safe manner. The law of each state establishes more specific duties as well. In our example, many states have laws that require a driver making a left turn to yield to oncoming traffic until the turn may be made with safety. A breach of the driver’s duty must be established by the facts. This second element of the case is more commonly referred to as negligence. In our example, if the facts establish that the driver failed to yield the right of way to you, then the driver has breached his or her duty.

The breach, or negligence, of the driver must cause the bike accident. In our example, the fact that the driver failed to yield must also be the direct and proximate cause of the motorcycle accident. The question becomes whether the driver’s action was the most substantial factor in causing the accident. The negligence of the driver must cause you injury. In our example, you must establish what injuries are caused by the negligence of the driver. Once the nature and extent of the injuries are determined then our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers can aggressively pursue fair, just and reasonable compensation for you.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

What is fair and reasonable compensation for a motorcycle accident?

No specific formula exists to determine and calculate motorcycle damages. Although no formula exists to determine fair, just and reasonable compensation, we use our experience to advise our clients. We analyze the nature and extent of the injuries, the medical bills, lost wages, permanent impairment if diagnosed by a doctor, as well as your emotional pain and suffering. Ultimately, we must understand how the injury has impacted your life while recuperating and how the injury may impact your life into future.

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