Canadian Insurance Company Attempts To Deny Paying Motorcyclist’s Claim

Richard K. was riding his motorcycle home on a beautiful Connecticut evening in May. Unfortunately, his enjoyment of the start of motorcycling season was cut short by the distracted driver of an approaching car. The defendant, a resident of Quebec, Canada, drove straight through a flashing traffic light and into the path of Richard’s motorcycle. During the collision, Richard was able to keep his bike and himself upright.

The French Canadian defendant expressed remorse to Richard in fluent English. He admitted that he was exhausted from a long day of driving and had been distracted by his children who were passengers in the vehicle. However, as soon as the police arrived, the defendant, who was staying in a nearby hotel, conveniently displayed a limited ability to speak and understand the English language. That was the first sign of the kind of evasion Richard would be facing in his case.

Richard declined medical attention at the scene because he didn’t notice any apparent injuries, but the next day he woke up in unbearable pain and had to go to the ER. It turned out that the force of the low-speed impact had been absorbed by Richard’s shoulder, neck and back. Even though his bike had less than $700 in property damage, Richard required physical therapy and pain management to cope with his injuries from the collision.

The defendant’s Canadian insurance company refused to make an offer to settle Richard’s case. Perhaps they were counting on Richard giving up his fight because of the geographical distance between himself and the defendant, who had returned to Canada. However, Richard contacted the Haymond Law Firm. Rather than getting worn down by the insurance company’s calculated refusals to cooperate, Attorney Twillie, with Richard’s consent, used an aggressive strategy. He stopped any further talk of settlement and began filing motions that successfully pushed the heretofore dodgy insurance company to comply with his information requests.

The fight wasn’t over yet. The defendant refused to return to Connecticut to give his deposition. Attorney Twillie immediately arranged to go to Canada himself. He made it abundantly clear to the insurance company that the Haymond Law Firm was not about to let distance come between them and a win for their client. As a result, the insurance company finally agreed to a settlement of $81,000.

The Haymond Law Firm does what it takes to break through the tough roadblocks to compensation for their clients.