Jury awards victim money in accident injury case

A man in his late 50’s had back problems for several years. Unfortunately, these problems were made worse when his car was rear ended by a truck.  Just five weeks before the accident, his doctors wanted him to have a MRI of his back, but he never had the test done.  After the accident, he had the MRI and it should a disc herniation.  He treated the problem with several rounds of injections into his back done under general anesthesia.  The defense did not believe any of his injuries were caused by the accident, and hired an expert doctor who testified that the MRI did not show a disc herniation.

Attorney Radner took the case to trial and showed the the defense expert’s opinion was wrong.  More importantly, changes in the man’s lifestyle and relationship with his wife, and the severity of the impact on his car, showed the jury that he indeed needed the care he received as a result of the accident.  The jury found in favor of Attorney Radner’s client and awarded a six figure jury verdict.