Motorcyclist sues best friend…surprising result

How a Motorcycle Attorney Helped Friends Settle Case After Dog Causes Crash and Injuries

Jim went over to his best friend’s house in Orange County, NY to lend a hand with a kitchen renovation. It was really hard work, and he was looking forward to finishing the job so he could enjoy his downtime with an afternoon motorcycle ride. Jim called his wife and told her he would be a little late for dinner as he was meeting up with friends.

Jim turned on the engine, and waved goodbye to his buddy… However, Jim had forgotten that his friend had put the dog in the garage while they worked. Unfortunately, the dog had a great fear of loud noises and Jim’s bike had straight pipes. As Jim was about to drive off, the dog broke loose from its chain and rushed out of the garage and darted toward the motorcycle. Jim swerved to avoid hitting his friend’s dog. His bike ricocheted off a tree and Jim wiped out on the sidewalk.

Motorcycle Attorney: John Haymond with Friends at Motorcycle Event

Motorcycle Attorney: John Haymond with Friends at Motorcycle Event

It was a brutal accident. Jim suffered horrific burns on his legs from the motorcycle’s exhaust pipe, a broken arm and road rash all up and down his sides. The accident totaled Jim’s motorcycle. Suffice to say, Jim didn’t make it home for dinner because he spent the night getting treatment at the local hospital.

Jim and his wife Karen met with The Haymond Law Firm to talk over their options. They met Attorney John Haymond at a local motorcycle event. They were reluctant to sue his friend because they were good buddies. But Jim couldn’t pay for his medical bills and purchase a new bike. We explained that the dog was not properly controlled and created a hazard. We also obtained very damaging reports from neighbors concerning the dog. Due to the fact that Jim and the homeowner were close friends, The Haymond Law Firm met with the homeowner. As a result of the meeting, he cooperated and provided a statement confirming all the reports. He also gave us a statement about how the injury impacted Jim’s life.

We were able to convince the insurance company to throw in the towel and turn over the entire  homeowners insurance. We let them know that the homeowner was prepared to testify on Jim’s behalf. All while avoiding having to bring Jim’s friend to court. A friendship salvaged and a family protected from financial ruin.