Six Real Life Motorcycle Accident Case Results: Florida

Factors play a huge role in valuing settlement offers. Check out what factors tend to drive motorcycle accident settlement values.


Jimmy was appreciating the scenery of Florida’s beautiful St. Augustine coast on his Harley. The day was warm, and he was enjoying the light breeze. As he approached a turn, a motorist traveling from the other direction hit him and caused a collision. Jimmy was knocked unconscious but came to while at the scene.


Jimmy thankfully did not suffer any major injuries or broken bones. He did go to the ER after the accident occurred, where the medical staff took x-rays and told him to go rest. Jimmy was diagnosed with a concussion, but he was able to go back to work right away. Unfortunately, he began to suffer memory loss and an inability to concentrate and was unable to focus and draw. Worse yet, he was unable to help care for his sick mother. Jimmy was skeptical as to what a lawyer could do for him as his medical expenses were minimal and he had not lost wages from his regular job. He talked about his problems with other motorcyclists who had referred him to an attorney, and he decided to call.



It was a difficult trackback, but Jimmy slowly started to improve and get better. He fully recovered from his concussion and was able to help his mother and take part in his hobbies again.

Over the course of several months, The Haymond Law team kept in contact with Jimmy. They understood the difficulties Jimmy had gone through and wanted to fight for him! The lawyers at Haymond Law were able to show that Jimmy had issues as a result of the accident and got him the compensation he deserved.


It was a cool fall night in 2014. Natalie Seymour was enjoying a short motorcycle ride in a suburban area. She came to an intersection at the legal speed and was intending to cross through. At the same time, a driver in a truck pulled up to the intersection to make a right-hand turn.

Accident reports indicate that the truck driver was required to make a full stop, as indicated by a stop sign. Natalie had no stop sign and thus had the right of way at the intersection. A report filed by police officers cited the truck driver with failure to yield and a rolling stop.


Natalie suffered serious injuries that required hospitalization. She also missed several weeks of work during her recovery and required physical therapy to rehab injuries to her knee.

The other driver’s insurance originally denied the full claim for property damage and medical coverage. We filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client, seeking damages for loss of property, loss of wages, and medical expenses. The suit named the truck driver as defendant.



The suit was settled out of court with both parties. The insurance company for the defendant made compensation payments to our client that covered her out-of-pocket medical costs and lost wages and provided an amount for pain and suffering.


In July 2017, our client Sally was driving to the supermarket on her customized motorcycle in Jacksonville. As she approached an intersection with a green light, she was hit by an oncoming car that was making a left turn.


Sally thankfully sustained minor injuries that required outpatient treatment at the local hospital. Her custom bike, however, was totaled.

The police report showed that the driver making the left turn was at fault for not yielding the right of way. The driver tried to deny being at fault and blame our client for not paying attention. The insurance companies wanted to settle the case for the bare minimum, not taking the custom bike’s total value into consideration. They offered $25,000, which came down to $10,000 for the bike and $15,000 for the medical bills despite the fact that the bike had been customized.



Our team at Haymond Law filed a lawsuit. Our client, Sally, was able to come up with all the receipts for the custom work done to her bike. The value totaled $70,000. We added that to the medical bills, loss of income, pain and suffering, and ongoing medical coverage.

The case was settled out of court in just under six months. Sally was able to return to her normal life and started to working on another custom bike. She was immensely thankful to the Haymond Law team, and the compensation awarded was a huge jump from the initial amount offered by the insurance companies.



On a cool December morning in 2016 in Jacksonville, Alex Stevens was commuting to work on his motorcycle when he got into an accident. The driver of a 2002 Toyota Avalon ran a stop sign and collided with the motorcycle at about 55 mph. Due to the sudden collision, Alex was thrown off the motorcycle and landed on the side of the road a few feet away from the crash.


Alex was badly hurt and unable to get up. He was rushed to the hospital to treat his injuries. The doctors found that Alex suffered several serious fractures and broken bones, but they determined that he was in stable condition just a few hours after his admittance to the hospital. Alex received treatment for his injuries and was able to go home. Thankfully, he was wearing a helmet and didn’t hurt his neck or head during the accident.



Thanks to the help and guidance of Attorney John Haymond, Alex received the justice he deserved after a fairly smooth recovery from his injuries. Attorney Haymond met with Alex after the accident. He sought compensation for Alex’s medical bills and the destroyed motorcycle. The case was settled before it went to court. The victim received about $300,000 afterward.


The best days for a motorcycle rider is a day spent riding. That was the plan for Liam Mendez when he decided to take a ride on a relaxing evening. However, during this ride, Liam would find himself set on course for a long and painful recovery.

As Liam was riding down a street in Daytona Beach, he noticed a vehicle following his bike too closely. There was enough room for the car to pass Liam, but the car stayed behind and kept following him a bit too close. Liam became more concerned and hugged the right side of the road, giving the car more room to pass. The driver still did not pass and stayed glued to the back of his bike.

As they drove around a curve, a stopped car in the way forced Liam to apply his brakes. The driver behind him was way too close to stop and crashed into his motorcycle, pushing the bike into the stopped car.

This also caused Liam to be thrown into the air over the stopped car, where he crashed into the ground. The driver did not get out of the car to check on Liam but instead immediately drove away without helping.

Fortunately, the driver of the stopped car witnessed the entire accident and called for help. By the time Liam reached the hospital, the police had found and apprehended the fleeing driver and placed him under arrest.


Liam was very badly injured. He had broken bones, deep wounds, and scraped knees and arms. Many bills were piling up. Along with the injuries, Liam suffered lost time at work and stress. He decided to get legal assistance and called the Haymond Law Firm for a free consultation.

We found that the driver had a history of traffic violations and a DUI, which meant he would be facing serious charges for his actions. The driver’s attorney fought hard to get Liam to settle for an unfair amount. But our team said no!



We went to trial, and Liam received over a half-million dollar offer to settle, which he rejected. The day before the trial, another very generous offer came in, which Liam accepted. Because of this, he will be able to pay his medical bills and repair his beloved bike.



It was a warm day in the middle of September in Florida. Cindy had just gotten her bike back from the shop. She had her engine checked out and everything was in tiptop shape. She decided to test out the bike to make sure everything was perfect from the repairs.

Cindy set out down a street in her neighborhood. She was riding easy and having a great time. All of a sudden a cat ran across the street from a house up the road. Trying to avoid hitting the cat, she swerved and crashed to the ground. The cat was saved, but Cindy was badly hurt.


Cindy had injuries to her side and arm. She needed medical attention and now had bills piling up. She tried contacting the cat’s owners, but their insurance company was no help. They refused to deal with her and ignored her requests. She thankfully decided to get legal help and sought out the Haymond Law team.



The firm acted quickly contacting witnesses, securing police reports, and investigating the scene of the accident.

After seeing our evidence and that of its hired experts, the insurance company accepted liability and agreed to make a large compensatory payment.