Uber and other car services such as Lyft are new to the public and livery conveyance scene. As such, navigating legal situations surrounding Uber can be very complicated. You may be confused about your rights if you are an Uber driver or passenger and an accident occurs. You mayalso have questions about what coverage you’ll have provided in the event of property damage or personal injury.

Your Legal Rights in an Uber Accident

Uber as a company has a $1,000,000 insurance policy for situations like yours. In the event that you are in an accident as the Uber driver or a passenger, it’s not up to you to deal with the driver’s personal auto insurance. In fact, personal auto insurance will generally not cover anything while the insurance policy owner is driving for hire.

To clarify, when someone is in the driving for hire business; Uber or Lyft, taxi driver etc., they need extra coverage to cover them in the event of an accident. In Uber’s case, the company has a 1 million dollar insurance policy that will fill in the gaps or take over completely when the driver’s personal auto insurance will not cover personal injuries and property damage.

All accidents are different. Proving liability (responsibility) in the accident is of the utmost importance. This is where an Uber accident lawyer can help.

What to Do After an Uber Accident

If you are in an accident while driving or riding in an Uber car, you need to take certain steps after the accident
to avoid financial loss and complications down the line.

Especially, should always call a licensed Uber accident attorney after the accident. At Haymond Law, we have extensive experience working with those who have been in an accident while driving or riding in Uber cars. Our firm has recovered millions for those individuals.

Additionally, gather all the evidence you can from the scene of the accident. Get a copy of the police report. Take pictures of any injuries that you or anyone else incurred. Take photos of the accident from a distance and up close. Gather testimonies from any witnesses who saw the accident. Also make sure to get the full names and phone numbers from these witnesses.

Contact Haymond Law If You’ve Been Injured

For more information on Uber accident involvement and access to an Uber accident attorney, contact Haymond Law in Connecticut.

Never go without professional legal representation in accidents including Uber. The legal process is especially complicated when it involves large organizations like Uber. In certain cases, you may not receive the compensation you deserve if you don’t have professional legal help.

At Haymond Law, our skilled and experienced personal injury lawyers will work as hard as possible to get you the fair compensation you deserve. To date, our lawyers have helped recover over $500 million in compensation for clients. Let us help you too. Call today at 1-800-HAYMOND to learn more.