New London Jury Awards Damages of $7.2 Million to Man Paralyzed in a Fall From Scaffolding

50-year-old Nathaniel, of Montville, CT volunteered to assist his brother in making repairs to a rental property owned by a third party. The Haymond Law Firm, Nathaniel’s attorneys, spared no effort, bringing in experts and proving that the owners had been negligent in erecting the scaffolding.

The investigation showed it was never properly connected to the house. Of course, the homeowner denied responsibility for the accident and provided a witness to support their claim. Early offers for a settlement of $400,000 was rejected.

The Haymond Law Firm continued to fight and brought in a scaffolding expert, a vocational rehabilitation specialist and economist to prove Nathaniel’s losses. The $7.2 million dollar award is the highest jury award in Connecticut this year.

Nathaniel was represented by Attorneys Christopher Murray and Vanessa Cardoso of The Haymond Law Firm. The verdict was later reduced by 50%

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Railing breaks, Haymond Law Helps Worker Collect $250,000

It was any other work day for Mr. Ryan C. that Tuesday morning. Ryan worked for a moving company and arrived at his job site, a condominium complex just outside the city. Ryan came into the unit he was moving, surveyed what needed to be moved, and got to work. Ryan was moving a sofa out of the apartment unit he was working in, so he went out the porch and down the porch stairs. As he was walking, the porch railing suddenly collapsed beneath him.

As a result, he fell and slammed his face off the concrete, which caused the sofa to fall into his chest. Ryan lost consciousness from the fall. After going to the emergency room, Ryan had a fractured orbital in his face that required surgery. From the injury, he also suffered from double vision for a year, preventing him from being able to work. Ryan was devastated from not only a very serious injury, but from the ramifications of the injury that greatly impacted his day to day life.

In order to achieve a successful recovery Ryan needed the Haymond Law Firm’s help. Haymonds’ team immediately hired an investigator who took statements from the tenants. Our investigator managed to get a statement from every tenant. Each tenant had complained about the condition of the stairway and stated under oath that the stairs were dangerous and was a hazard to all people using the premises. Haymond also hired a structural engineer who inspected, photographed and issued a report that the stairs did not according to code.

We submitted the investigators reports as well as the engineers report. The insurer offered to settle the claim for $50,000. We rejected the offer as being far too low. We

We brought a lawsuit on Ryan’s behalf. The process wasn’t easy at times, and after months of tough negotiations, many long depositions, and lengthy discovery, the Haymond Law Firm was able to make things right for Ryan. The attorneys vigorously fighting for Ryan managed to obtain $250,000 for Ryan. It was far more than he imagined or expected.

Canadian Insurance Company Attempts To Deny Paying Motorcyclist’s Claim

Richard K. was riding his motorcycle home on a beautiful Connecticut evening in May. Unfortunately, his enjoyment of the start of motorcycling season was cut short by the distracted driver of an approaching car. The defendant, a resident of Quebec, Canada, drove straight through a flashing traffic light and into the path of Richard’s motorcycle. During the collision, Richard was able to keep his bike and himself upright.

The French Canadian defendant expressed remorse to Richard in fluent English. He admitted that he was exhausted from a long day of driving and had been distracted by his children who were passengers in the vehicle. However, as soon as the police arrived, the defendant, who was staying in a nearby hotel, conveniently displayed a limited ability to speak and understand the English language. That was the first sign of the kind of evasion Richard would be facing in his case.

Richard declined medical attention at the scene because he didn’t notice any apparent injuries, but the next day he woke up in unbearable pain and had to go to the ER. It turned out that the force of the low-speed impact had been absorbed by Richard’s shoulder, neck and back. Even though his bike had less than $700 in property damage, Richard required physical therapy and pain management to cope with his injuries from the collision.

The defendant’s Canadian insurance company refused to make an offer to settle Richard’s case. Perhaps they were counting on Richard giving up his fight because of the geographical distance between himself and the defendant, who had returned to Canada. However, Richard contacted the Haymond Law Firm. Rather than getting worn down by the insurance company’s calculated refusals to cooperate, Attorney Twillie, with Richard’s consent, used an aggressive strategy. He stopped any further talk of settlement and began filing motions that successfully pushed the heretofore dodgy insurance company to comply with his information requests.

The fight wasn’t over yet. The defendant refused to return to Connecticut to give his deposition. Attorney Twillie immediately arranged to go to Canada himself. He made it abundantly clear to the insurance company that the Haymond Law Firm was not about to let distance come between them and a win for their client. As a result, the insurance company finally agreed to a settlement of $81,000.

The Haymond Law Firm does what it takes to break through the tough roadblocks to compensation for their clients.

Taking Allstate to the Courthouse Steps After Motor Vehicle Accident

On a quiet morning, Mitchell P. sat in his mother’s blue minivan along the curb. He was double checking the directions to his new job. Suddenly, the car rocked and he heard a screech of metal. An older black sedan had side-swiped him. Mitchell was relieved to see relatively minor damage. The other driver did not have insurance information on him but showed Mitchell his driver’s license. Young Mitchell trusted the other driver and felt fine physically so he went to work.

The next morning, his wrist was swollen and very painful. He was forced to take a day off from his new job to go to the doctor and have x-rays taken, costing him time away from work, as well as medical bills. During the next several months, simple treatments and physical therapy were not enough. The wrist needed surgery.

Mitchell discovered that the at fault driver was uninsured so he call his local agent. His agent told him that he had every right to pursue a claim against his own insurance company, Allstate, for an uninsured motorist claim. Actually, Mitchell was relieved at first as he had been a customer of Allstate for years and he assumed they would treat him fairly. Unfortunately, they completely disregarded his claim and actually claimed that Mitchell was the cause of the accident. That’s when Mitchell turned to The Haymond Law Firm for help.

The Haymond Law Firm brought a lawsuit and pursued an uninsured motorist claim against Allstate to pay the medical expenses, lost wages and emotional pain and suffering incurred.. Allstate once again denied coverage. Attorney Twillie of the Haymond Law Firm diligently kept after Allstate and discovered that the uninsured driver claimed that Mitchell had driven into his sedan. Allstate also claimed Mitchell’s wrist injury could not be related to a side-swipe impact leaving minor property damage.

Insulted by Allstate’s insinuations, Haymond Law worked extensively for his client. He wanted to ensure that his client was treated fairly, and given everything that she was entitled to. During a deposition of the other driver, Mr. Twillie got the uninsured driver to admit that the photos of the property damage were not consistent with his story that Mitchell caused the crash. Finally, the uninsured driver admitted fault. At the pretrial hearing, Mr. Twillie focused on what the medical evidence supported. This strategy won out over Allstate’s focus on the amount of the property damage. After years without an offer, Mitchell’s claim was settled for $30,000.00.

Motorcycle Ride Cut Short, Client Awarded Large Settlement

On a sunny August day, Mike L. set a course of for the open road on his prized motorcycle. But his fun run was cut drastically short when he was struck by an erratic driver operating a vehicle in reverse. Mike was sent tumbling to across pavement. His body was marked by road rash, lacerations, and contusions to his foot, shoulder and elbow. His ride was over and the customized motorcycle he so cherished appeared badly mangled.

Mike declined the recommended ambulance transport from the scene. He was more distraught over the loss of his motorcycle than the pain that racked his body. His father took him to an emergency room to be examined by a doctor. He followed that up with an Urgent Care visit to have the wounds cleaned, bandages changed and made sure to see his primary care physician, who knows his medical history best.

Our client incurred very little in medical bills as the worst thing for him was that he no longer had a bike. It was totaled by the negligent driver. The Haymond Law Firm went to right to work and demanded Geico pay the $20,000 policy. Geico countered with a $7,000 offer, claiming that ML suffered only minimal soft tissue injuries with extremely limited medical treatment..

Haymond Law Firm attorney Albert D’Antonio was livid by the insurance giant’s attempt to low-ball his client and not make him whole for his pain, suffering, medical bills and loss of property. Mr. D’Antonio instructed his legal assistant, Julie Moquete, to let that insurance company know they would file an immediate lawsuit on their client’s behalf. The papers were at the courthouse within three days and the Haymond Law Firm kept the pressure on Geico until the policy limit of $20,000 was paid in full.

In addition, The Haymond Law Firm has a property damage specialist on staff. He has been with our Law Firm well over 20 years and knows all the property adjusters personally and knows all the ins and outs of resolving property damage claims to the complete satisfaction of our clients. Our specialist calculated the value of the wrecked bike, the customized parts as well as the custom and irreplaceable paint work on the destroyed bike. Mike was also totally compensated for the loss of his bike as well as all the customized accessories and paint work.