New London Jury Awards Damages of $7.2 Million to Man Paralyzed in a Fall From Scaffolding


50-year-old Nathaniel, of Montville, CT volunteered to assist his brother in making repairs to a rental property owned by a third party. The Haymond Law Firm, Nathaniel’s attorneys, spared no effort, bringing in experts and proving that the owners had been negligent in erecting the scaffolding.

The investigation showed it was never properly connected to the house. Of course, the homeowner denied responsibility for the accident and provided a witness to support their claim. Early offers for a settlement of $400,000 was rejected.

The Haymond Law Firm continued to fight and brought in a scaffolding expert, a vocational rehabilitation specialist and economist to prove Nathaniel’s losses. The $7.2 million dollar award is the highest jury award in Connecticut this year.

Nathaniel was represented by Attorneys Christopher Murray and Vanessa Cardoso of The Haymond Law Firm. The verdict was later reduced by 50%