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You never know when an injury is going to happen. In the vast majority of cases, personal injuries are the fault of another person and you are the victim. Millions of these cases happen every day, and they can change lives forever. Some injuries can be permanently disabling. Others, though not as severe, can cause financial devastation due to time lost from work. For a family that is living paycheck to paycheck and without any savings, an injury to a primary or secondary breadwinner that causes them to miss even one paycheck can put the household hopelessly behind on its bills.

Some of the most common types of personal injuries include:

There are many others, of course. People can get injured in nearly as many different ways as there are people in the world. However, these are the types of injuries most commonly seen in personal injury cases. It doesn’t matter what type of injury you have or you you got it, though. The New Haven personal injury attorneys at Haymond Law will always give you a free evaluation of your case.

Compensation for Personal Injuries After Auto Accidents

Personal injuries cause both individuals and families to suffer both physically and financially. If the injury is the fault of someone else, that person has a legal obligation to provide financial compensation. The amount of this compensation varies according to the severity of the injury and the circumstances under which it was received. Personal injury attorneys handle these cases on behalf of injured people and help them get the compensation they deserve. This can be through direct negotiation between the at-fault party or his or her insurance, through mediation with the at-fault party’s attorney, or through a jury trial.

Anyone Can Afford a Personal Injury Attorney After an Auto Accident

The sad thing is that so many people who need a personal injury attorney don’t hire one because they don’t think they can afford one. Anyone can obtain a lawyer for car accident injuries. They are already financially strapped due to being out of work from the accident. Hiring an attorney is a luxury they believe they can’t afford. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Our New Haven, CT personal injury attorneys evaluate cases for free. They also don’t charge a penny unless the client wins financial compensation. This means that anyone who was injured through no fault of their own can and should get an attorney to represent their interests.

Personal Injury Attorneys and Motorcycle Accidents

One area where personal injury attorneys come in very handy is in the case of motorcycle accidents. Too many car drivers do not pay attention to the many motorcyclists out there. They look for other cars when they’re driving, but seem to have a blind spot for people on motorcycles. This lack of attention leads to thousands of motorcycle accidents each year. These accidents can result in damage to the motorcycle, injuries to the rider, or both. Many motorcyclists aren’t aware that personal injury attorneys can help them get compensation for their injuries as well as damage to their bikes. However, the personal injury attorneys in New Haven, CT keep very busy with motorcycle accident cases, and they’re available to help you, too.

Let our New Haven Office of Personal Injury Lawyers Help You

It would be better if people were careful and there were no injuries at all. However, that is not the case in the world. Injuries happen all the time. The amount of time an injury can cause someone to be out of work ranges from a day to forever. Sometimes people who are injured are never able to go back to work. Rather than do nothing and allow your credit to be ruined, your car repossessed, and your house foreclosed on so you have to live on the street or with relatives, you can secure your future and that of your family by consulting with a personal injury attorney. Once you get compensation, you will have the money you need to cover your mounting medical bills and your regular bills for as long as you need it.

The road to security starts with placing that phone call. The New Haven, CT personal injury lawyers at Haymond Law are ready to give you a free evaluation on your case today. Talk to them and get the compensation, not to mention justice, you deserve.