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If a loved one was victimized by a serious birth injury and you suspect that it was because of a failure to recognize fetal distress, call a birth injury attorney at The Haymond Law Firm to protect yourself and exercise your legal rights.

Birth Injury AttorneyPlease remember, the basis for a medical malpractice claim is that a doctor or other health care provider failed to follow customary medical procedures and as a result of this failure a loved one has suffered a serious injury. In this type of case, if a doctor fails to diagnose fetal distress in a timely fashion it often results in severe and debilitating injuries. More often than not, a doctor’s failure to diagnose fetal distress leads to irreparable and permanent harm.

A baby that is fatigued or not doing well before or during labor is said to be suffering from fetal distress. There are many signs and causes of distress that, if ignored, can lead to serious health problems for the baby. If you were aware of any of the following signs and/or causes of fetal distress during childbirth and your child has serious health issues as a result, contact The Haymond Law Firm today.

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Common Obstetric or Birth-Related Medical Malpractice Cases

  • Failure/delay in recognizing and/or responding to need for c-section
  • Failure/delay in recognizing/treatment intra-uterine infection
  • Failure to have appropriate specialists on-hand for high-risk delivery
  • Failure to correctly intubate new-born to prevent worsening hypoxia
  • Failure to anticipate/guard against shoulder dystocia during delivery
  • Inadequate response to problems presenting during pre-natal care
Damages associated with these medical errors at birth can range from uterine loss to death of the mother, to miscarriage, functional impairment, cerebral palsy and/or death of the baby.

Failure to recognize fetal distress can cause permanent brain damage or even death. Conditions such as cerebral palsy can Result from the delay and can be devastating to the parents and the child. During our 30+ years of fighting for our clients, we’ve made significant recoveries as a result of a health professional’s failure to recognize the signs of fetal distress.

Signs of fetal distress

  • Minimal movement by the fetus (as felt by the mother)
  • Amniotic fluid contains meconium (infant stool made up of materials ingested while still in the womb)
  • An increase or a decrease in fetal heart rate
  • Fetal acidosis (increased acidity in the fetus’ blood)
  • Fetal lactic acidosis (fetal blood acidity increase caused by buildup of lactic acid)

Causes of fetal distress

  • Respiratory / breathing problems
  • Multiple births (i.e. twins, triplets, etc.)
  • Position of the fetus
  • Difficult delivery
  • Abruption of the placenta (placenta detaches in part from wall of uterus)

Our 30+ years of experience has taught us that birth injuries often result from undiagnosed or untreated fetal distress. Although a lawsuit will never bring back your child’s health, it may prevent the mistake from happening to someone else’s child.

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Like your family, The Haymond Law Firm staff gets excited when our family is about to grow! The birth of a child should be an exciting and happy time for parents, family, and friends. However, birth injuries can result in serious consequences for both baby and family. If that happens, you can rely on our dedicated staff and attorneys to fight for you.

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