Steve Elinsky

We are very proud and honored to have Steve Elinsky, a Vietnam veteran, serve as our firm’s dedicated in-house Property Damage expert. Steve has been with The Haymond Law Firm for 30 years and has provided unique and extremely valuable assistance to our clients with respect to the property part of the accident or case.

Read some of the many testimonials below:

“Steve, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I appreciate all the assistance that you have given me trying to get me great value for my motorcycle after the accident. You are an asset. I’m happy to have you on my side.”

“Steve did a wonderful job with my complex property damage claim, and I am ecstatic. He should win a medal.”

“Steve hit the ball out of the park, so to speak.”

“Steve was very pleasant, very knowledgeable, and more importantly, very caring with respect to how I felt about my vehicle that was almost totaled in this accident. Steve was easy to reach, and it gave me confidence as to how my property damage was being handled at the time, and the outcome was great!”

“There was a coverage dispute and Steve stayed on top of this file for 5 months. He got the client an excellent recovery and the client is very pleased.”

“I would like to commend you and one of your staff members, Mr. Steve Elinsky, for his extremely competent and hard negotiating abilities on my mother’s property damage case. Mr. Elinsky, with due diligence and tireless effort, was able to negotiate a very favorable and maximally beneficial outcome for my mother. I know that it took many interactions and a good deal of skillful negotiation, time, and effort for Mr. Elinsky to win such a settlement. I am confident that had he not been so diligent and skillful, the outcome would have been much less satisfactory.”

“No matter how complicated or problematic the issue is, somehow Steve manages to resolve it and make the client happy.”

“Steve spoke with the insurance company on my behalf and got me more than what I originally thought my vehicle was worth.”

“Steve was wonderful!”