Railing breaks, Haymond Law Helps Worker Collect $250,000

Slip and Fall Attorney Hartford

It was any other work day for Mr. Ryan C. that Tuesday morning. Ryan worked for a moving company and arrived at his job site, a condominium complex just outside the city. Ryan came into the unit he was moving, surveyed what needed to be moved, and got to work. Ryan was moving a sofa out of the apartment unit he was working in, so he went out the porch and down the porch stairs. As he was walking, the porch railing suddenly collapsed beneath him.

As a result, he fell and slammed his face off the concrete, which caused the sofa to fall into his chest. Ryan lost consciousness from the fall. After going to the emergency room, Ryan had a fractured orbital in his face that required surgery. From the injury, he also suffered from double vision for a year, preventing him from being able to work. Ryan was devastated from not only a very serious injury, but from the ramifications of the injury that greatly impacted his day to day life.

In order to achieve a successful recovery Ryan needed the Haymond Law Firm’s help. Haymonds’ team immediately hired an investigator who took statements from the tenants. Our investigator managed to get a statement from every tenant. Each tenant had complained about the condition of the stairway and stated under oath that the stairs were dangerous and was a hazard to all people using the premises. Haymond also hired a structural engineer who inspected, photographed and issued a report that the stairs did not according to code.

We submitted the investigators reports as well as the engineers report. The insurer offered to settle the claim for $50,000. We rejected the offer as being far too low. We

We brought a lawsuit on Ryan’s behalf. The process wasn’t easy at times, and after months of tough negotiations, many long depositions, and lengthy discovery, the Haymond Law Firm was able to make things right for Ryan. The attorneys vigorously fighting for Ryan managed to obtain $250,000 for Ryan. It was far more than he imagined or expected.