Tree branch injury due to neighbors negligence

Last year, a client was passing by a neighbor’s house when she saw her neighbor cutting down a tree branch. The client offered to help the neighbor by holding the ladder steady as the neighbor cut the branch. The neighbor declined the help, believing that it was unnecessary. However, the client, concerned for her neighbor’s safety, chose to hold the ladder regardless. When the neighbor had finished cutting the tree branch, it fell down onto our client. She suffered significant injuries from the falling branch.

The client went to court with The Haymond Law Firm as her representation. Initially, the insurance company and their lawyers denied any form of liability. At first, the insurance companies refused to offer our client any money, believing that there was no liability for the injuries. Haymond Law fought back and the insurance company agreed to make an offer. They put an insulting $2,500 on the table. It was a nuisance offer, meaning that they thought our client didn’t have a case. But we knew that our client deserved to be compensated for her injuries, so we turned down their initial offer and began to fight back.

The Haymond Law Firm demanded more for the injuries received by our client. We brought the facts of the case to court and proved that our client deserved insurance money for the injuries and pain that she had sustained. In the end, we got the insurance company’s lawyers up to a higher offer. In addition to this, we were able to negotiate a much smaller health insurance lien for the client. This meant money in our clients pocket, and meant that she left satisfied with Haymond Law’s ability to get injured clients the money they deserve.